PCB Sampling Results

The Bronx




Staten Island

NYC Department of Education

Westchester County, New York

Mohansic Elementary School in Yorktown Heights  November 2014
PCB sampling and cleanup at the Mohansic Elementary School 2012

PCB Sampling at Yorktown School District, Nov. 2009 (Soil and caulk contamination)

French Hill Soil Cleanup Report 
French Hill School Caulk in Yorktown Heights, NY 20,000 ppm and 18,000 ppm 

French Hill School Window Caulking: 173,600 ppm and 104,000 ppm

French Hill School Soil Sample 160 ppm and 120 ppm

French Hill School Window Caulking: 64,100 ppm and 56,700 ppm of

French Hill Column Masonry Caulking: 60,000 mg/kg (equivalent to 6.0 PCBs) 38,000 ppm and 22,000 ppm (See French Hill Final Report Page 2)

French Hill Column Masonry Caulking Wipe Sample: 22,700 ug/100cm2 (See French Hill Final Report Page 2)

French Hill Window Pane Room 23 Exterior Wipe Sample: 10.9 ug/100cm2(See French Hill Final Report Page 2)

French Hill Room 6 Window Sill Exterior Wipe Sample: 34 ug/100cm2 (See French Hill Final Report Page 2)

French Hill Plenum Room 23 exhaust vent: Interior Grate Covering.2.29 ug/100cm2/

French Hill Soil Report by Westchester County Health Department 

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Lakeland NY... 19,500 ppm 
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Lakeland NY... 14,800 ppm

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Lakeland, NY ... 3.42 ppm

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Lakeland NY ... 108,000 ppm, 140,000 ppm and 115,000 ppm 

Putnam Valley Middle School, Putman NY ... 10,000 ppm
Putnam Valley Middle School Putnam, NY ... 3.31 ppm 
New York State School Caulk ... 14,800 ppm 

Rockland County, New York

Upstate New York





Burke Elementary School in Paebody, Massachusetts

Medford High School, Medford, Mass. 157,000 ppm (Caulking next to playground)
New England High School 5,970 ppm (Caulking still in place)
Major University in New England. 26,400 ppm (Caulking still in place) 
Middle School in New England . 5,010 ppm (Caulking still in place)
Catholic High School in England. 15,000 ppm (recaulked after sampling)
Office Building in Downtown Boston 35,600 ppm (Building recaulked after sampling)

UMass Amherst : Caulk, Air and Concrete

PCB Test Data Related to LGRC Facade Repairs and Waterproofing Project at UMass Amherst 

Air Samples - LGRC
Panel Caulking and Concrete Core samples Tower A & Low-Rise 
Bulk Samples from Dumpster Site
Exterior Panel Caulking Tower C 
Exterior Panel Caulking Tower B 
Wipe Samples -Tower A and Low-Rise 
Air Samples- Low-Rise Library
Wipe Samples - Low-Rise Library
Dust Thimble Results -Low Rise Library

Gordon Hall in Boston 337,256 ppm of 1254

Shattuck Street in Massacusetts 124,378 ppm 
Burlington High School 106,611 ppm 
Mass. School 75,100 ppm and 73 500 ppm
Lawrence Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. 290 ppm and 428 ppm
Massachusetts School Soil ... 19 ppm and 15 ppm 
Student Housing at a Major University in New England . 36,200 ppm(Caulking still in place)
Elementary School in New England. 7,740 ppm (Caulking still in place)