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Contaminated Soil Study

This study by Dr. Bob Herrick contradicts the position held by state and federal regulatory agencies that PCB-laden caulk has to be in direct physical contact with the soil in order to cause contamination. Contamination is probably due to erosion, weathering and/or leaching of PCBs. 

Intact PCB-laden masonry caulking one foot above soil. 
Sampling and photo sent by anonymous individual

Sampling of soil, one foot below intact PCB-laden masonry caulking. Sampling and photo sent by anonymous individual.


Sampling results showed soil contaminated with PCBs.

Sampling yielded 34 ppm of PCBs.

19 ppm of Aroclor 1254
15 ppm of Aroclor 1260


Job number, Lab Sample ID and Name were erased to protect identity of individual taking the sample.

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