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PCB's in Blood


If you decide to have blood tested, remember the following:
  1. PCB blood analysis is expensive and should only be performed by labs that have experience testing for PCBs.

  2. Blood analysis should test for full range of congeners.

  3. It is not recommended to have blood tested labs such as Metpath or Quest since they do not test the full
    range of PCB congeners.

Contact information for PCB Blood and Serum Analysis 

Dr. David Carpenter
Institute for Health & the Environment University at Albany, SUNY
5 University Place, A217
Rensselaer NY 12144
Tel: (518) 525-2660
Fax: (518) 525-2665

Photo from SUNY Albany Website

AXYS Analytical Services 
1 888 373 0881
Tel +1 (250) 655-5800
Fax +1 (250)
AXYS Analytical Services Ltd
.2045 Mills Road W.
Sidney BC Canada
V8L 5X2 


Dr. Bob Herrick 
Harvard School of Public Health 
Phone: 617- 384-8803
Fax: 617-384-8859


Photo from Harvard's website.

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