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Photos of PCB Material and Schools



Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Westchester N.Y.Built in late 1960's

Caulk contains 19,500 ppm of Aroclor 1254

PCB-laden caulk on exterior wall on the Putnam Valley Middle School in Putnam, N.Y.

Caulk contained 10,000 ppm


PCB caulk along door frame at the Pablo Casals Elementary School (PS 181)in Co-Op City, Bronx N.Y. (Year 2007)

Caulk contained 6180 ppm of Arolcor 1254


Contaminated caulk on ground outside Seneca Hall at the

State University of Owsego. Year 2005

Caulking on ground as a result of window renovation.
Soil is also contaminated.

Oswego SUNY Caulk Sample ... 14,000 ppm of Aroclor 1254 and 3,000 ppm

Oswego SUNY Soil Sample ... Soil had 86 ppm of PCBs

Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts Year 2006

Masonry caulk had 106,611 ppm of Arolcor 1260

EPA Region 1 was notified of results

Lawrence Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Year 2006

Masonry caulk had 290 ppm of Aroclor 1248 and 428 ppm of Aroclor 

EPA notified of results. 

Window with contaminated caulk in dumpster at Lawrence Catholic High School

Gordon Hall in Boston, Massachusetts (Year 2006)

Masonry caulk had 337,256 ppm of Aroclor 1254 

Garage 1 in Coop City in the Bronx, NY undergoing renovation in 2006.

PCB-laden caulk on exterior front wall of garage.

65,000 ppm of Aroclor 1254



Bliss Residence Hall in SUNY New Paltz after a Westinghouse PCB transformer exploded on Dec. 29, 1991. (c)1992 by Eric Francis. For more information and photos. 

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