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Senator Markey's Report On PCBs in Schools

A copy of Senator Markey’s report, “The ABC’s of PCBs: A Toxic Threat to America’s Schools”, can be found HERE.

  Key findings from Senator Markey’s Report include:

  • The scope of PCB hazards in U.S. schools is likely widespread, potentially affecting up to 30 percent of the school-aged population, but it is difficult to quantify the exposure from the variety of potential sources of PCBs.

  • Because there is no federal requirement for the inspection of schools for PCB hazards and in most cases no state-level requirements or even publicly-available guidance for testing or inspections for PCB hazards, schools often appear to learn of PCB hazards by chance, and it is likely that additional cases of PCB hazards remain undetected. 

  • There is a lack of transparency and inconsistent communication between schools with a potential PCB hazard, the EPA, states, and those who may be affected by a PCB hazard in a school.

  • The way each EPA region handles enforcement activities and communication with schools and local educational agencies within the region is inconsistent, and there is variability in the way each EPA region keeps track of potential PCB hazards in schools.

  • Failures to fully remediate PCB hazards have occurred in cases of schools following EPA guidance, raising questions about the adequacy of such guidance.

  • Many states and local education agencies do not have the funds necessary to perform testing, response to or remediation of PCBs in schools.

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