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Mission Statement

My name is Dr. Daniel Lefkowitz, and in the fall of 2004, I discovered hazardous levels of PCBs in the window caulking and soil at my son's elementary school in Yorktown Heights, NY.

Read the NY Times article about my discovery of PCB contamination.

PCBs, known as polychlorinated biphenyls, are a persistent organic pollutant that was banned by the United States Congress in 1979 and by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001.

PCB exposure is associated with permanently depressed IQ, increased risk of attentional deficits, hormonal and immune disruptions, among other serious health problems. PCBs are known to cause cancer in animals, and are considered possible carcinogens in humans.

Though PCBs were banned, it still exists in many school buildings built between the 1930's and late 1970's. What is very disturbing is that thousands of school children are unkowingly being exposed to PCBs, and there are no laws or regulations mandating school districts to test for its presence. School districts have to test for asbestos and lead, why not for PCBs?

I created this web site to educate and increase awareness among the general public, political leaders, federal, state and local health agencies, environmental consultants about PCB contamination in ouschools, and the need for Mandated Testing.

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Photos of PCB Contaminated Schools


PCB contaminated soil due to PCB-laden window caulking at
French Hill Elementary School in Yorktown Heights, NY.

Approximately 591 cubic yards of soil were excavated and
transported and disposed off site at Clean Earth of Philadelphia, Inc.

Read French Hill Soil Remediation Report


PCB Contaminated Masonry Caulking
on front column at the
French Hill Elementary School in Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

Caulk contained 60,000 ppm of PCB (Aroclor 1254 and 1260).
Caulk is 6.0% PCB.
Wipe sample of caulk yielded 22,700 ug/100 cm2.
PCBs migrated/ leached to the top surface of caulk.

Link to French Hill Final PCB Report


PCB-laden caulk on the ground at the
French Hill Elementary School, Yorktown Heights, NY

Soil was contaminated with PCBs

Read French Hill Soil Remediation Report


Medford High School in Medford, Massachusetts

Contaminated Window Sill Caulking Next to Playground
Caulk has 157,000 ppm (ug/g) of Aroclor 1254
Medford High School Sample Report 2011

Caulk in rear of building has 5,970 ppm of Aroclor 1254
Sample Report from 2003


Middle School in Massachusetts. with PCB-laden caulk.
Caulk has 5,010 ppm of PCB (Aroclor 1254)
Middle School Sample Report


PCB soil remediation at IS 181 (Pablo Casals) in the Bronx, New York


PCB Removal Project at Lake Region School in Maine

Notice the abatement and removal of the surrounding window brick.
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One of the New York City schools with troubled PCB light fixtures
Source: NY1




PCBs in Paint

Source: PCBs In Common Building Materials
What Every Building Owner Should Know
Woodard and Curran

Location is not a school




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