Mandatory Testing of PCBs in Schools

The Workplace and PCBs

Below is information for workers who come into contact with PCBs.


EPA Posts New Information for Building Contractors Who May Encounter PCB-Containing Caulk


What About School Maintenance Workers by Dave Newman

OSHA Air Contaminants - Guide and Bibliography

Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Chlorodiphenyl (54% Chlorine)

NYCOSH: Playing Industrial Hygiene to Win by Eileen Senn

Hazard and Control by Western Region Universities Consortium

NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluation Report

Lakeland School District PCB Containing Caulk Abatement Plan


New York State Education PCB Protocols


New York State Education Letter on PCB Light Fixtures

Estimating the half-lives of PCB congeners in former capacitor workers measured over a 8-year interval .. NYS Department of Health 2010

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), thyroid hormones and cytokines in construction workers removing old elastic sealants

Identification of markers for PCB exposure in plasma from Swedish construction workers removing old elastic sealants




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