Mandatory Testing of PCBs in Schools

Media and News Articles on PCB Contamination in Schools

Council says DOE Must Notify Parents about PCB in Schools ... Dec, 20, 2011

City Schools Rife with PCBs Linked to Cancer and More .. December 8, 2011

Light Fixtures Leaking Harmful PCBs Found in Over 700 Schools in NYC - Dec. 2011

New Concerns Over PCBS « CBS New York

Parents say timeline for toxin removal in local schools too slow ... Nov. 21, 2011

Tainted Soil to Be Removed Next to Westchester School ...New York Times July 4, 2005

Environment: This Crusdaer Tilts at PCBs ... New York Times, July 10, 2005

City admits 19 schools toxic; no cleanup planned

Demand for Help on PCBs in Schools ... October 8, 2010

Ridding Schools of PCBs ... NY Times, February 11, 2011

Letter to EPA adminstrator Lisa Jackson from New York Lawyers for the Public Interest

Bronx mother Naomi Gonzalez sues city over PCBs in public school buildings

Media Release regarding Bronx mother suing NYC over PCBs in public School buildings

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest's Communication to EPA Director Lisa Jackson regarding lawsuit against NYC DOE and SCA

Parents to City: Remove Toxic PCBs From Schools! ... Brooklyn Daily Eagle Sept. 2010

Parents and pols urge city for PCB testing at 740 schools across New York ... Sept. 2010

Ridding Schools of PCBs ... NY Times, February 11, 2011

Bronx School Is Latest Found With PCBs ... February 7, 2011

Deal between city, feds to deal with PCB toxins in school windows will stir up big problems ... January 24, 2010

Toxic fight over schools in Bronx ... NY Daily News, April 14, 2009

Bronx Mother to sue over toxic caulk in NYC schools ... Daily News March 26, 2009

Toxin found in School Buildings ... Daily News April 7, 2008

Probe urged after News finds toxin in school buildings ... Daily News April 8, 2008

PCBs found at two more schools ... Daily News April 9, 2008

School bigs talk ABCs of PCBs ... Daily News April 9, 2008

Councilman Gennaro blasts Education Department on PCBs ... Daily News April 10, 2008

City Inactive as Kids Learn at Toxic Sites ... Daily News April 22, 2008

"Long Way to Go" on PCBs in Schools ... Daily News April 30, 2008

PCB Coalition for PCB-Free Schools

Congressman Calls For Federal Check-Up Of School's Alleged PCBs...May 18, 2006

P.S. 53 Parents Express PCB Concerns ... May 01, 2008

Emergency Council Meeting Sees Whether PCBs Threaten City Schools ... April 30, 2008

DOE To Re-Test Bay Terrace School For PCBs ... April 28, 2008

Department Of Health Says PCB Levels Normal In City Schools ... April 7, 2008

Kruger Introduces Legislation to Mandate PCB Testing in City Schools ... April 25, 2008

Crowley, Serrano Successfully Include PCB Cleanup in National Green Schools Initiative

EPA's Rejection of NYC DOE's Remedial Investigation Work Plan (RIWP)

EPA's Consent Agreement with NYC School Construction Authority

Bronx Borough President Diaz's letter to EPA about Advanced notice of Proposed Rulemaking

PCB Q&A: How Toxins Ended Up in City Schools ,,, The Wall Street Journal

Committee on Education - New York City Council Hearing - November 18, 2011 -
Testimony by NYCOSH - David M. Newman, M.A., M.S. NYCOSH Industrial Hygienist

PCBs in Schools: What about School Maintenance Workers?

The New York City Council’s Environmental Protection; Oversight and Investigations;

and Education Hearings on April 29, 2008

Dr. Daniel Lefkowitz: Powerpoint Presentation and written testimony
Miranda Massie and David Palmer:
New York Lawyers For The Public Interest

NYC Health Department Testimony

PCBs in Schools and Corporate Responsibility for Remediation: Yorktown Central School District v. Monsanto Company by Law Professor Valerie Watnick


Wall Street Journal

PCB Q & A: How Toxins Ended up in City Schools

PCBs Found in Fort Green School

Bronx School is Latest in City Found with PCBs

EPA Warns of PCB Risks in Schools - Wall Street Journal, December 29, 2010


NY Lawyers For the Public Interest, Inc.


Community group sues NYC schools over toxic light fixtures ... July 21, 2011

PCB Lighting in NYC Schools: Dangerous, Inefficient and Obsolete

Statement from Attorney Miranda Massie from New York Lawyers for the Public Interest

PCBs In New York City Schools Fact Sheet

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest representing New York Communities for Change filed a Notice of Intent to Sue the NYC Department of Education and School Construction Authority under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act ... Aug. 2011


Mahar Hall at SUNY Oswego has tested positive for PCB material in caulking ... State University Construction Fund.

New York State Education Department is looking to identify any and all completed projects that involved the removal caulk that hd been originally installed prior to 1977... General Building Contractors of New York State Sept 21, 2005 Page 3


NYC Department of Health 2008

Fact Sheet: PCBs in New York City School Buildings

NYC Department of Education 2008

Circular to Custodians Engineers and Building Managers



PCBs found at the Ben Franklin Elementary School in the Lakeland School District ... June 2013

School district close to PCB suit settlement ... December 20, 2009

PCBs from French Hill Elementary School sent to wrong dump, says EPA ... October 2007

Yorktown Board of Ed files lawsuit against PCB-makers ... North County News Oct 2007

PCB Contamination shuts down Ben Frankln School ... North County News July 23, 2008

Westchester County Health Department Closes Ben Franklin School ... July 18, 2008

Lackluster Response on PCBs Criticized ... North County News, Nov. 23, 2005

Lawmakers Tackle PCB Testing Debate ... North County News August 10, 2005

PCB-containing caulk must be removed upon discovery ... EPA Response to Westchester County Legislator Michael Kaplowitz. Nov. 3, 2005

Kaplowitz to Head County Board's Investigation into Potential Harmful Effects of PCBs in Caulking & Other Materials... Westchester County Press Release

U.S. EPA Officials To Attend Kaplowitz' Next-In-A-Series of Meetings On PCB Contamination In Schools August 9, 2006

Tests reveal high PCB levels at French Hill School ... North County News September 2005

In the case of PCBs in caulk, the matter is complicated by the fact that few studies have been done on their ability to contaminate the buildings they are in and the people who inhabit them ... Journal News, November 27, 2005

Kaplowitz Continues Investigation Into PCB Contamination in Schools ... May 2006







Princeton joins PCB Lawsuit ... January 2013

Worcester to Spend Millions Cleaning Up PCBs in Schools ... April 2012

Fuming over PCB Levels ... December 15, 2011

Westport school board votes to hire PCB cleanup crew ... August 2, 2011

Westport Middle School PCB porblem gets worse, town may need $100K fast ... July, 2011

Westport Discovers PCBs in Middle School ... June 20, 2011

Amid concerns, class resumes at Talbot ... September 26, 2011

PCB threat lurks in schools ... August 8, 2010

EPA should tackle PCBs, ASAP

Parents seek middle school PCB answers ... August 3, 2011

Talbot Middle School to be closed through Thursday for PCB testing ... September 2011

Costs Mount for Estabrook PCB Work, Officials Mull Long-Term Solutions ... Sept. 2010

Superitendent Letter to Parents about Talbot Middle School Testing

Westport School PCB clean-up will cost over $2 million dollars? ... August 8, 2011

Union Raps School PCB levels ... January 21, 2011

Environmental – PCBs – Statute of repose .. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Wesrport Middle School PCB porblem gets worse, town may need $100K fast ... July 2011

PCBs Put Schools in a Pickle ... Worcester Telegram & Gazette Inc... February 9, 2011

Letter from Superintendent of Worcester Public Schools to Parents and Staff

EAW Response to Superintendent of Worcester Public Schools

Photos of PCB caulking in Worcester Schools

Union official: 4 schools have PCB levels hundreds of times above limit ... January 2011

Funding an issue as PCB remediation continues at Estabrook School ... September 2010

Estabrook School District PCB News

PCB Risk Feared at Older N.E. Schools

Estabrook School Indoor Environmental Concerns ... September 6, 2010

PCB levels shut Lexington school .. Sept. 3, 2010

PCBs found at site of pool ... June 13, 2010

Traces of PCBs in town buildings ... May 20, 2010

PCB concerns linger, but Estabrook students returning to classrooms .. . Oct. 2010

Funding an issue as PCB remediation continues at Estabrook School ... September, 2010

Estabrook School District PCB News

Estabrook School Indoor Environmental Concerns ... September 6, 2010

PCB levels shut Lexington school .. Sept. 3, 2010

PCBs found at site of pool ... June 13, 2010

Traces of PCBs in town buildings ... May 20, 2010

Berkshire Community College and state officials have a more defined plan to handle and dispose of polychlorinated biphenyls found in the caulking of some campus buildings, and they also say the fix will cost the state $5 million ... Berkshire Eagle Sept. 2009

WORCESTER — The city teachers union has raised concerns that Doherty Memorial High School may have elevated levels of a known carcinogen within its window caulking Worcester Telegram & Gazette Corp. June 23, 2009

In late June, the EPA approved a $2 million dollar cleanup project that will decontaminate the buildings outdoor caulking, replace contaminated carpeting in the buildings library, and remove PCBs that have seeped into the asphalt and soil below the tower ... Daily New Hampshire Gazette July 6, 2007

On July 12, PCBs were found at 133,000 to 723,000 parts per million (ppm) in the sealant on the Lederle building, and in the soil around the building at 1 to 42 ppm ... Daily New Hampsire Gazette August 12, 2006

Soil contamination due to caulk at MIT... MIT Information Sheet #2 Sept. 2006
& MIT Information Sheet

MIT Information Sheet #7 March 6, 2008

MIT Information Sheet #8 July 2, 2008

MSDS for encapuslation of contaminated masonry at MIT

Westgate at MIT PCB Abatement Blog

MIT Town Hall Meeting Notes

September 2006 Read both information sheets from MIT MIT Information Sheet #2 Sept. 2006 & MIT Information Sheet

Two buildings will require the implementation of an approved abatement and remediation plan to remove PCB containing caulk and associated materials in contact with the caulking .... Preliminary Report of Building Related PCB Assessment, LGRC UMass Amherst Oct. 2006

Source of PCBs ID'd in school ... The Standard Times August 31, 2006

Pro hired to assess PCBs ... The Republican

Plan being created for disposal of PCBs found in Lederle repairs ... University of Massachusetts

PCBs in Building Materials: Is My Project at Risk? Woodward and Curran Fall 2006

Environmental Remediation Technologies ... NASA Kennedy Space Center

Although not commonly known to be a concern in Canada or the USA, many North American companies, banks and law firms have encountered PCB joint putty issues when working on multi-national portfolios, or with European based entities ... Golder Associates

Some caulking may be linked to cancer, Harvard study finds News July 21, 2004

We uncover hidden dangers inside some buildings ... Eyewitness News WPRI

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are showing up in more places than you would think ... Woodward and Curran

PCB-Containing Caulk: A Widely Overlooked Hazard ... Marcor Environmental


Rest of the Nation

Opening of Columbus school still unresolved ... August 27, 2011

California Residents File Legal Complaint for PCB Exposure ... Apri 2011

Highland Park School Project Deadline Depends On Winter Weather ... Nov. 2011

Officials pressing for late-August Columbus School opening ... July 29, 2011

The Connecticut Technical High School System will test caulk at 12 of its older, un-renovated buildings for the presence of PCBs ... New Haven Register February 6, 2010

Connecticut Department of Health Technical Brief... 2010

PCBs found in window caulking during Columbus School renovation ... May 25, 2010

Organization wants Arkansas Schools Tested for Toxins ... August, 2011

PCBs in More than Just Transformers, Hydraulic Oil and Ballasts; should we be concerned with PCBs in Caulk, Paint & Sealants? ... Kohrman Jackson & Krantz PLL

Recovery - Clean seal and calk Peaf Panels on Buildings 9, 15, 30, 31, 45 and 49 at NASA Johnson Space Center

PCB contamination found in King County Youth Services Center Courthouse ... Aug. 2010

Caulk containing PCBs found in local buildings... KIROTV Seattle, Washington 2004

The University of Rhode closed the Chafee Social Science building, the largest facility on the ingston Campus, in December 2000 based on test results that show elevated levels of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in soil outside and in sections inside of the high rise office building. ... University of Rhode Island News Bureau

Utility solid Waste Activities Group Letter To Lisa Jackson at EPA

Banned building compound PCB could be causing a health risk to residents and workers in buildings were it was used ... Copenhagen Post Online April 2009

Advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM)

EPA Press Release - January 2010





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